Simple tips to Introduce your self and somebody in Spanish

Simple tips to Introduce your self and somebody in Spanish

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Simple tips to Introduce your self and somebody in Spanish

Focusing on how to introduce your self in Spanish is almost always the step that is first start good, easy discussion specially with somebody you merely came across. The expressions and concerns for introductions, presentaciones, are extremely much like the people in English. They normally are associated with more than one greetings, e.g. “Hola”. This course will take care of some typical approaches to introduce your self into the language in addition to expressions to introduce other people. You will definitely read and tune in to a few examples and training by having an interactive test. When you complete, you are able to proceed to the training about greetings – saludos.

The fundamentals for Spanish Introductions – Las presentaciones

To start with, we’ll request you to view a quick movie describing a couple of fundamental methods to introduce yourself in Spanish, and many expressions which can be actually typical to be able to introduce somebody else in Spanish too. Please view the video clip very very carefully since it shall be beneficial to realize to get the most effective using this tutorial. Please trigger the subtitles if they are needed by you.


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That is a simple test to examine the main points which are covered into the video clip and if you don’t get everything correct that we will continue studying throughout the lesson, so do not worry.

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1. Concern

Which of the techniques to state someone’s name are wrong?

  • Mi es that are nombre
  • Mi nombre Alex
  • Me llamo Alex
  • Me personally llamo es Roger
  • Yo soy Alex
  • Soy Roger

2. Concern

Which of the concerns can help require names – preguntar nombres?

  • ?Como te llamas?
  • ?Cual es tu nombre?
  • ?De donde eres?
  • ?Como estas?

3. Concern

Get the two sentences being grammatically wrong or don’t proceed with the pattern into the video clip.

  • Te presento a Lucia
  • Te presento a David
  • Permiteme presentarte a Lucia
  • Presentar a Lucia
  • Ella es Lucia
  • Ella son Lucia

PRESENTAR + a name just isn’t a appropriate solution to introduce somebody. We must utilize TE PRESENTO A or PERMITEME PRESENTARTE A… Also we ought to utilize ES maybe maybe maybe maybe not SON for example individual.

Simple tips to introduce your self in Spanish. Listed here are too examples:

Before presenting yourself in Spanish, you need to use easy greeting like HOLA and adding a manifestation like MUCHO GUSTO or ask one other person politely ?Como estas?.

1. ?Hola! ?Mucho gusto conocerte! 2. ?Hola! ?Como estas?

Concern words like COMO (How) and CUAL (Which) are crucial to inquire of for names, exactly like in these two quite typical examples: ?Como te llamas? And es that are?Cual nombre? As a whole, the subject pronoun TU is more casual than USTED, however it is additionally more prevalent. Omitting the niche pronoun in a phrase is normal, but ensure you are utilising the proper conjugation associated with the verb for the niche also in the event that you leave it away. The following is a range of approaches to introduce your self in Spanish and acquire another name that is person’s

Let’s briefly analyze the framework associated with introductions that are spanish have covered to date. First, the expressed word“tu” in TU NOMBRE and “su” in SU NOMBRE are possessive adjectives, whereas TE and SE are reflexive pronouns. Observe that the verb LLAMAR (to phone) changes its type with regards to the pronoun we utilize. Grammar is essential but also for now, we are going to request you to give attention to their meaning and pronunciation once we will develop more on sentence structure in other classes.

Simple tips to introduce someone in Spanish

So that you can introduce some body in Spanish, we will require the verb SER with its types ES and SON. Fundamentally, when we are talking about one individual, we are going to use “ ES ” as with “ EL ES … ” (he’s ) and “ mousemingle online ERES “ for “ TU “ as in “ TU ERES … “, however, if our company is talking about a few then we must use “ SON ” as in “ ELLOS SON … ” (they’re ). Bes else in Spanish it is vital to point out if this individual can be your buddy, general or another thing utilizing possessive adjectives, e.g. “ El es mi amigo” (he could be my pal ).

Please mind the pronoun you employ therefore you are introducing that you use a pronoun that corresponds properly in gender and number to the person. Here are a few more types of Spanish introductions you are able to read and tune in to. Concentrate on pronunciation and attempt to discover patterns that are grammatical.

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Introduce yourself in Spanish – Las presentaciones