Now time and energy to dispel some twisted lies from KO and point out the utterly ridiculousness of her bullshit.

Now time and energy to dispel some twisted lies from KO and point out the utterly ridiculousness of her bullshit.

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Now time and energy to dispel some twisted lies from KO and point out the utterly ridiculousness of her bullshit.

2. Oh exactly how she projects! She twists the facts to provide her function! Exactly what exactly is her function? To relive a cruise again and again, perhaps return with time and also have that intimate encounter with Dirk Benedict that she felt had a need to take place? The celebrity she had been stalking just before trying out an obsession with Paul McCartney.

3. Whom the fuck is Shay? Some innocent woman who probably never said or did such a thing. Whom the fuck is Brick? Some chap that is poor ended up being convulsing in lobbies and left to perish and she really wants to show me personally just how she stored their life? Therefore convulsing in lobbies must need this kook crackhead to save lots of him because lobbies of resorts simply cannot be troubled to simply help their visitors. Yeah that’s how it operates and mind you, dear audience, the resort is incompetent at supplying food and meds if not a real medical practitioner. No, it’s all up to her to save lots of the lifetime of Brick!

Oooookay. Whatever bitch that is crazy! Wow you revealed me personally! LOL.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Creep at FB is KO III

Have not updated in sometime. FB news regarding the KO front side is the fact that she’s still enthusiastic about Stu along with his team.

This is one which i discovered quite hilarious but simply as insane. As constantly.

Kooky O’Crazy begs for individual dignity then proceeds to slander and dismantle other people of. individual dignity.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Creep at FB is KO II

Used to do a web log entry as of this LINK, but evidently utilizing the psycho drama the whackjob Kooky O’Crazy continues to be churning away, it is the right time to feature another blog entry. This is certainly a few more batshit and also by no means every one of it considering that the former post.

This is the way she believes, it is exactly about curses being destructive. Like Hillary Clinton, all she can do is sexactly how just how much of a loser she’s because of the constant bitching and with it, the want to harm other people!

Both are wicked entities. Very evil. Really destructive. Thank goodness neither of those psycho bitches have genuine energy.

1. Shay had been the only who had been approached at a convention neighborhood to KO, and she ended up being harassed by KO. Shay switched KO down whenever KO wished to “pet” her. Shay reacted towards the demand with a polite ‘no’ and from then on KO went around wanting to start rumors about Shay. KO does not manage rejection after all.

2. Shay posted about her expertise in Survivors of Stalking that KO constantly identifies her victims as “mental clients” as any psychopath would of these victims. It is usually another person’s fault based on them. Btw, KO stalked that forum for many years and attempted to contain it hacked into by a number of lowlifes to tell her what just ended up being being stated. Hence when Shay related her experience “there is not sufficient detergent when you look at the global globe to clean Kathryn off” had been fundamentally Shay’s disgust at KO’s lurid attempts to strike on the. Shay managed the problem with elegance.

3. KO NEVER, EVER, “spared” Brick’s life. Nor did Shay make an effort to apologize to KO. That never occurred.

4. KO had not been “arrested” for a “criminal activity” of “being unpopular”. Fucking exactly what the hell could it be using this drama queen? LOL so far the laughable statements about this matches utilizing the laughable tale she is telling here.

5. Individuals were ways that are discussing have KO stay glued to what the law states when it comes to harassment. Which KO partcipates in on a regular basis. The constant curses she desires to cause must certanly be a clear indicator of just how mentally sick she actually is and exactly how it coincides along with her active harassment of individuals. Therefore no one was wanting to have her jailed for being unpopular. Simply jailed danish dating free for the harassment that is active threats (usually by means of curses) since most that are her victims do handle this filthy nasty woman nearly every day if they would like on her behalf to just go the fuck away.

Additionally the commentary she got from a Bella Dee (i am therefore sure that is her name that is real lol is simply evidence she’s got many people completely fooled.

Anyhow, whoever she actually is cursing now, we could simply take bets it’s Betty or Gordon. Or possibly Matt, since term got around he would “deal with Gordon” that he never gave any indication. Yeah don’t make an effort to sound right of her antics. It’ll just cause further frustration. KO may be the epitome of ludicrous.

She is the Harvey Weinstein of Michigan conventions. And simply as unsightly.

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