It’s not always about fancy moves and aerobics when it comes to great sex positions.

It’s not always about fancy moves and aerobics when it comes to great sex positions.

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It’s not always about fancy moves and aerobics when it comes to great sex positions.

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It’s not always about fancy moves and aerobics when it comes to great sex positions. In reality, often the old classics will probably be your most useful asset when you look at the room, specially for those who have a few tricks your sleeve to simply take them one step further. Missionary, Cowgirl, Doggy Style, and Spooning: in the event that you thought they certainly were run regarding the mill roles, Durex has arrived to show otherwise. In this specific article we explore the ‘cherry at the top’ of those classic sex jobs; the way the right range of condoms, adult sex toys, lubes, and changes brings brand brand new amounts of closeness and pleasure to you personally along with your partner, without the need to bust out an entire brand brand new guide of intercourse roles.


Missionary is just one of the most popular intercourse positions [1] , and frequently receives the ‘vanilla’ label it was even the first position you ever tried because it’s so commonly used perhaps. For all partners, Missionary is called the standard, as well as for that good explanation, it may be technical and some associated with closeness and spark may get lost.

But, Missionary can be filled with deep penetration energy, with all the added closeness factor of in person contact. With a little modification, Missionary could be switched up to obtain the pleasure stuffed credit it deserves. Pillow props are a definite great method to amplify any place. For additional penetration, spot a pillow beneath the woman’s buttocks so her sides are raised somewhat. With some level, the thoroughly tested Missionary place can explode returning to life in ways you never imagined.

Doggy Design

Doggy Style is fantastic for a quickie each day and for many passionate time in the shower. Voted the favourite intercourse place by Men’s Health visitors, as a result of the deep penetration it enables, [2] this cheeky classic will get just a little tiresome it up a little unless you mix. If strength is exactly what you’re after then you will want to take to amplifying much more with Durex Pleasuremax condoms, having a ribbed and dotted texture for additional stimulation. For him, along with her. [3]


Cowgirl is yet another intercourse position that is a common favorite for numerous partners. [4] It allows the lady to take top and be totally accountable for the motion, timing the thrusts in addition to degree of penetration. [5] But like most classic intercourse place, it could be a bit too routine for the taste. You will want to turn the tables by the addition of some vibrations that are extra her? The man’s fingers are often free throughout the Cowgirl to keep and caress their partner. Have you thought to keep those tactile fingers busy because of the palm sized Endless Touch Stroker Vibrator from Durex?


Both wake up in a spooning position anyway as sex expert Scarlett Robinson says in her article for YouQueen, spooning is known as the ultimate wake up position for lazy morning sex, because there’s a good chance. [6] As a result, numerous partners add for their selection of ‘go to’ jobs and maybe don’t provide an extra idea. But only a little modification can get a long distance. Spooning is as yet not known for deep penetration, but by bending the knees and angling the figures forward it is possible to develop a normal prop for much much much deeper penetration. Then add additional feeling with Durex Invisible additional lubricated additionally the thinnest condoms Durex have actually ever developed [7] and you’ll hope the early early early morning never ever concludes. The next time you’re lured to take to one thing new, you will want to make a few modifications for classic roles with an entire feeling that is new?

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