Internet dating with EliteSingles application. Our character test: how it functions

Internet dating with EliteSingles application. Our character test: how it functions

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Internet dating with EliteSingles application. Our character test: how it functions

Our character test is a part that is key of success with EliteSingles. Its concerns look to your characteristics, provide your character to other users, and invite us to familiarizes you with like-minded singles.

By determining your individual characteristics, a finished test may help expose you to appropriate matches. A couple of key factors whenever using the test will facilitate your success that is long-term with. The websites provided listed here are popular dating internet internet sites and sites extremely sites that are successful. An incredible number of singles online actually succeeded in making use of web web sites web sites as can be observed through the numerous testimonials from top users posted on the web sites.

About our personality test

Split into ten parts, the personality test comprehensively evaluates both you and is main to the matchmaking process. A day, so you can browse through the best options and focus on dating by determining your personality and individual attributes, our smart profiling system is able to deliver up to 7 compatible matches.

Consider and get truthful

With over 200 questions, the character test should really be precisely considered; complete it if you are calm. Though some are polar (yes/no) questions, other people work with a scale to guage general importance and require reflection of what you’re like.

Honesty is almost always the strategy that is best. The questionnaire is among the means in which EliteSingles presents you to definitely other users. Providing what can take place to end up being the ‘right’ solution may serve to dilute your characteristics and portray you as somebody quite generic; why is you various is generally why is you attractive. Thinking truthfully is consequently suggested, both to distinguish your self and enable us to familiarizes you with users who really suit you.

Personality Test Breakdown

You will be presented with your personality profile when you have completed the test. It’s based regarding the Five Factor Model concept of personality characteristics, a model that is psychological on research by Robert McCrae and Paul Costa. It’s going to explain your quantities of openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism.


This trait reflects ‘open-mindedness interest and’ in tradition. High scorers tend become imaginative, innovative, also to search for social and academic experiences. Minimal scorers are far more down-to-earth, less enthusiastic about art and more practical in the wild.


This trait checks just how persistent and organised our company is in pursuing our okcupid goals. Tall scorers are methodical, well dutiful and organised. Low scorers are less careful, less focussed and much more probably be sidetracked from tasks.


This trait is approximately the method that you act in social circumstances. Individuals saturated in extraversion are energetic and seek the company out of other people. Minimal scorers (introverts) will be more peaceful and reserved.


This trait is a sign of exactly how we have a tendency to connect to other people. People full of agreeableness are usually trusting, friendly and cooperative. Minimal scorers are far more aggressive and less cooperative.


This trait reflects the propensity to see mental poison and emotions. Tall scorers are prone to insecurity and psychological stress. Minimal scorers will be more relaxed, less psychological much less susceptible to stress.

Distinguish yourself

The character test includes both multiple option and open-response concerns, such as ‘what have you been passionate about?’, and can react to the main focus you put on intellectual cap ability, professional aspiration, and relationship objectives. Make use of our available concerns to provide a snapshot that is unique of, and inform other people in more detail what you’re to locate. In the event that you strongly appreciate your academic part, for instance, tell people why this is really important for your requirements, and that which you anticipate in exchange. As research by Norton (2007) has built, dating pages with increased information have actually a lot more success in attracting extremely appropriate suitors, so attempt to present your self as fully that you can. 1 Other users would you like to read something interesting in regards to you, so convey what makes you special. In the same way you may like to read interesting reactions from other users, compose expressively and memorably in exchange.

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